At KS3 students follow a programme of study that builds skills, understanding and knowledge in a wide range of art forms including drawing, developing use of colour, 3d work and looking at existing art from a wide range of sources. This gives the students and excellent grounding and will enable them to be prepared at KS4 for GCSE.


Number of lessons per fortnight: 2.

Term Topic
1 Title: Exploring drawing
Learning and Materials: Students are introduced to the formal elements of drawing and use a wide range of materials to broaden their understanding of drawing. They will build skills in shading and line drawing and learn how to use correct facial proportions. These skills are taught through the study of portraits
Artists: Students may research the following artists during the project: Vincent Van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani, Sally Mankus, Mary Cassatt, Lucian Freud.
2 & 3 Title: Colour
Learning and Materials: Students continue the theme of Portraits and explore colour theory, tonal painting and communicating emotions through colour. They work on a self-portrait in paint as their final outcome and this extends into a distorted imaginative portrait.
Artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani, Sally Mankus, Monet, Mary Cassatt, Lucian Freud, Pablo Picasso
4 & 5 Title: Aboriginal Art
Learning and Materials: Students learn how to communicate meaning and narrative through their artwork. They study the use of symbols to communicate and look at ways artists use symbols in their work
Artists: Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Artists
6 Title: Aboriginal Art
Learning and Materials: Students work with mixed media (collage, watercolour, paint, Ferby pencils)to create a personal outcome in the style of traditional aboriginal dot painting.
Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal artists
Term Topic
1 & 2 Title: World of Animals
Learning and Materials: Students learn to blend and mix oil pastels to create tone and texture. Composition and planning are a key learning point in this project. Linking to the artist’s studied supports students understanding of depth, tone and colour.
Artists: Henri Rousseau, Franz Marc, David Shepherd
3 & 4 Title: Masks
Learning and Materials: Students explore the purpose of masks in a variety of cultures both past and present. The key learning points for this project are about expressions, designing with a purpose and using 3D construction techniques. Students design and make their own mask as the final outcome.
Cultural art from Africa, Japan, China and Australia (as well as many other cultures) are explored for inspiration
5 & 6 Title: View Through a Door
Learning and Materials: Students explore the work of ancient and modern Surrealist art and look at the idea of hybrid creatures. They learn to use one point perspective to give the illusion of an open door and then research, plan and develop a highly individual and imaginative scene showing a monster in a doorway. Tonal painting skills are built on and texture and tone are the focus of the second half of the project.
Artists: Hieronymus Bosch Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte