The Design and Technology suite consists of a series of purpose built workshops with  subject specific zones. Subject specialist teachers teach their students in these areas.

Food Technology consists of two rooms, each equipped with cookers and white goods to accommodate and teach class groups of students in a test kitchen environment. Students are supported by a dedicated Food technician. Food storage facilities are monitored to the strictest hygiene standards. Students can store their ingredients from early morning until needed in lessons.

DT suite 1 DT suite 2

We have a range of facilities, including domestic gas, electric or microwave ovens available. Students can work as individuals or in small group as needed. Aprons are provided and a few specialist ingredients are available for the more adventurous recipes.

The resistant materials area covers an array of four workshops, storage, offices and a materials preparation room. Students are encouraged to apply their learning and specialist training through an entire range of hand and machine tools: from simple marking out tools, through electric power hand tools right up to sophisticated computer aided machine routers and laser cutters.

DT suite 3 DT suite 4 DT suite 5

Our facilities are well equipped, with vertical milling machines, lathes, CAD/CAM equipment and a hot forge, brazing, welding and casting section. Design work is carried out by hand or using the computers in the D&T ICT room. Work produced here on a software package can be created using the computer controlled machines. There is a dedicated support technician serving the resistant materials area. Aprons and personal protective equipment for students are provided and a few specialist items are available.

Compliant materials and textiles are taught in two rooms, with over twenty sewing machines available in the classrooms. These are used by students from year 7, along with hand sewing tools. More specialist machines include overlockers and a computer aided embroidery machine.

DT suite 6 DT suite 7 DT suite 8

Students also have access to a laser cutting machine which is compatible with a range of fabrics. Laser cutting is used for creating intricate stencils for screen printing. There is a separate art textiles facility, comprising of a spacious studio and an adjoining wet area, where students can experiment with fabric dyes and printing methods. Smart materials such as thermochromic pigments relating to fabric can be explored in this area. A textiles technician supports the compliant materials area.

Dedicated ICT provision is essential to the department. This is facilitated through a D&T ICT suite with 30 networked computers with subject specific software. Students can log and use a number of 2D and 3D design software packages.

The school also supports a D&T website with D&T activities, quizzes, worksheets, guidance and revision materials.