Exam Board: AQA

What does the course cover?

A range of unseen fiction and non-fiction texts from 19th, 20th and 21st centuries will be studied. Students will need to show a range of reading skills including comprehension, deduction, summary, analysis and evaluation. In addition, students will have the opportunity to write imaginative texts such as a narrative or descriptive piece as well as transactional writing such as a letter of application or a newspaper article. Students’ literacy (spelling, punctuation and grammar) will be developed as the course progresses.

What skills will the course help you develop?

English Language focuses on developing core literacy skills: reading and writing. This GCSE develops students’ ability to use and explore language in different contexts, and for different purposes and audiences. It also includes some analysis of literary and media texts. Students will have opportunities to write creatively and demonstrate their discussion and formal presentations.

How is the course assessed?

Assessment is 100% examination over two examinations.

Reading skills: 50% of qualification
Writing skills: 50% of qualification
Speaking and listening: assessed through a formal presentation with a Q&A. Students receive a certificate graded pass, merit or distinction.