Geography is an exciting and dynamic subject that is taught by enthusiastic teachers who want to share their enormous wealth and depth of this subject with their students.

Geography is for anyone who wants to learn more about the world in which we live in and major issues that we face in the world today. Throughout KS3 you will learn, amongst other topics, about plate tectonics, extreme weather, map skills, Development, Human Hazards (including piracy in Somalia and nuclear disaster in Chernobyl), and rivers and coasts.

Throughout GCSE Geography you will follow the AQA specification A. Here you will study a mixture of human and physical issues such as Glaciation, Climate, Tourism and Population. Fieldwork helps bring this subject alive and we aim to take all students away at least once, with many students being challenged to climb Mount Snowdon.

A-Level Geography studies many contemporary issues including recent conflicts and health. Ever wondered how the film Supersize me is geography related? Well it is for many important reasons. A residential fieldtrip provides further opportunity to understand this subject first hand.

Geography will benefit all careers as it really does help you understand our whole world and how people interact with one another. Successful accountants, lawyers, military personnel, government workers, architects and of course teachers have used Geography to develop their careers.