The following links allow students to explore their family history, take part in a national project and see History in their local environment. The activities mentioned below takes History out of the classroom, brings the past to life and closer to home.

  • Was a member of your family one of the 1.7 million people who fought and died in World War One or Two? Using the link below you can research where they are buried, and download a commemorative certificate and photographs.
  • The Historical Association offer a number of competitions for students, across all the Key Stages, to enter. The department actively encourages such participation and Ms Riches, and other members of the department are happy to guide, advise and tutor students who wish to participate in any of the competitions.
  • For more able A Level students there are a number of essay writing competitions run by the Houses of Parliament and a number of universities. These competitions often have a monetary prize and carry huge status when applying for university. Previous students have been highly commended by these institutions.

Ms Riches offers a tutorials on a fortnightly basis to help advise and discuss students’ essays before submission.

Below is a selection of the A Level History essay competitions.