Jordanna Riches
Head of History

Jordanna studied History at Swansea University, followed by a post graduate diploma at Oxford University and a Master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University.

She has a passion for History teaching, and education in general, and has worked for both the Department of Education and European Union on History related projects.

Jordanna enjoys working with both her team and students and passing on her love of History to the next generation. She particularly enjoys American History of the twentieth century and the changes and challenges US society faced in this time.

In her spare time,  Jordanna is an avid film fan, and theatre goer.

Ruth Constantine

Ruth graduated from Leeds University, where she studied International Relations. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree at Oxford Brookes University.

Ruth enjoys modern history, with a particular love of Russian History, and enjoys visiting places related to topics studied.



David Jardine

David studied Humanities at Nottingham Trent University, specialising in History before completing his teacher training through Nottingham University.

David enjoys Modern 20th Century History, and particularly enjoys ‘History from below’ and the challenges faced by ordinary men and women of the past.

In his spare time, David is a competitive swimmer and also keeps marine fish.

Oscar Maddox

Oscar studied History at Exeter University and is currently studying for a Master’s degree, long distance, with Exeter.

Oscar’s favourite period in History is Elizabethan England, in particular the Spanish Armada, which came to represent greater themes of religion, patriotism and even the celebration of Elizabeth herself.

In his spare time Oscar likes to play cricket for his village team and he loves football, with his team of choice being Man Utd.



Jo Waddams

Jo graduated from Reading University in 1979 and has spent her career teaching at Bicester. Her favourite part of History is Nineteenth Century British History, as Britain underwent such extraordinary changes in areas such as politics, culture and scientific discoveries.

Outside the classroom, Jo enjoys visiting art galleries, the theatre, reading and walking.