Students who find maths slightly more challenging or who are struggling to achieve target at GCSE are ordinarily identified in the department as requiring additional support.

Sessions are run for different year groups at different times each week where a range of maths teachers and 6th form maths students help small groups build attainment and confidence in topics identified as more challenging.

GCSE Y11 groups are run in tutor times up to four times a week, from Tuesday to Friday. Y13s work without top band students whilst Mr Hollindale, Mr Vince and Mrs Nash work with groups of our other students who require additional support. Booklets of past paper questions and C if U Can booklets are worked through in these sessions and when requested, specific topics are addressed where needed. These group are set up by the end of Term 1 in October allowing students enough time to make as much progress as possible. If students are identified later in the year they can be added to a group at this time.

Y7 students who come in and are finding maths challenging are identified within the department also early on by the end of Term 1. Mrs Starrett, our HLTA, works with small groups of 5-6 students for three tutor times a week, Tuesday-Thursday, for 3 consecutive weeks. In order to build basic numeracy skills, further recap some topics seen at KS2 and address some of the early topics in the mastery curriculum. These run throughout the whole year allowing as many students as possible this opportunity.

Y10 students who start the GCSE course and are recommended for additional support early on are identified after the mid-year assessments in January. Small groups are put together of similar ability and work with our Y12 maths students during tutor times on raising attainment in the KS3 and early GCSE topics in order for them to be able to build on these later on in the course. Not all of these students will continue with support in Y11. We aim for many of them to catch up on progress by the end of Y10.

Drop in sessions run throughout the department on a weekly basis for anyone wanting further assistance with a specific topic from class, help with maths homework or just an opportunity to extend their mathematical knowledge. Sessions run on:

  • Thursday lunchtime in ICT 4 Week A with Mrs Cowey and Ma05 Week B with Mrs Laverick for Y7, Y8 and Y9
  • Wednesday lunchtime in Ma06 with Mrs Nash and Thursday after school in Ma02 with Mrs Holding for Y10 and Y11
  • Monday after school in Ma02 with Mrs Holding and Tuesday lunchtimes in Ma06 with Mrs Nash for Y12 and Y13