Numeracy can be thought of as mathematical literacy – it includes the essential skills needed for solving problems, processing information, making decisions and interpreting data.

Being numerate is about appreciating number relationships and interpreting answers, and not just about doing calculations.

Numeracy includes being able to:

  • Critically assess statistics used by advertisers or politicians
  • Manage family budgets – credit cards, offers at supermarkets and so on
  • Estimate – in all kinds of situations, e.g. journey speed, time and distance, roughly how much a bill will be or your expected bank balance at the end of the month
  • Solve problems and make decisions in a numerate way

To increase levels of numeracy throughout the school, this year we have introduced the ‘Problem of the week’ into tutor time. One morning a week is dedicated to numeracy within tutor groups where a problem is presented and individuals, small groups and whole tutor groups are welcome to submit answers into a weekly draw. Winner receive 20 house points each if individuals or small groups, 5 house points each if entering as a tutor group and everyone is entered into a final end of year raffle with prizes from local businesses around Bicester.

Why not have a go yourself with the link below:

Numeracy – Problem of the week