All students have started to complete past papers when set by their teacher outside of class and in class when required. Papers will be set as homework from the Christmas holidays and will be one of the main sources of revision for students. All papers will either be marked by the class teacher or self-assessed using model answers in class. Analysis then takes place where students can identify topic areas of strength and areas for improvement for themselves in each paper. Students make a record of areas for development and are then required to go away and independently revise these areas. If the situation arises where multiple students are finding a specific area challenging then through whole class analysis the class teacher will revisit this topic in class during the revision period.

Once areas for development are identified by individuals there are different ways in which to revise these topics:

  • Through revision workbooks provided by the department at the end of Y10. Each workbook is of the appropriate level, linked directly to the Edexcel GCSE scheme, split up into easy sections over the 5 main strands in mathematics, has worked examples and provides sets of practice questions at the end for each topic. Answers are also provided.
  • MathsWatch VLE website: Ideal for GCSE students wanting a talked through explanation of each topic with worked examples and worksheets linked directly to topic clips. Assignments can also be set by class teachers linked directly to clips associated with all GCSE topics.
  • Website: https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/vle
    • Username: your initial, then surname, then the year when you started as a year 7,then @bicester (no gaps), e.g. Tom Smith, a student who was a year 7 in September 2013 would be tsmith13@bicester
    • Password: tbsmaths


  • MyMaths website: Ideal for KS3 and GCSE revision. Breaks topics up into interactive lessons where students can follow online explanation similar to those in class, worked examples and answer questions provided along the way. Each lesson come with an on-line homework which provides a short range of problems for students to try and mark easily. For those wishing to boost themselves up to the next grade there are booster packs also available with tasks in line with each grade boundary for all 4 strands.
    • Website: mymaths.co.uk
    • Username:bicester                                                                        Password: parallel


Revision sessions are run during tutor times for identified students, after school P5 on Wednesdays for students not involved in other subject revision and lunch time Thursdays for all students wishing for additional revision opportunities for their GCSE.


Revision at AS and A2 will normally revolve around past paper practice. Packs of all past papers for each module are given to students in booklets in the run up to completion of teaching each. Students are expected to use these as part of their independent revision outside of the classroom. Some may be set also for homework during revision periods and therefore marked in class using model answers. Through these papers teachers and students can identify areas for development and therefore allow students the information needed for where to target revision.

Together with past papers students are able to use:

  • Chapter reviews: made up of past paper questions and sectioned into topics, these reviews which will have been marked throughout the year allowing students to revisit and start to recognise how examiners are likely to pose questions in different topics. Many students find this one of the main areas they need to focus on as identification of the topic within a questions is one of the most challenging parts of the examinations themselves. Each review is also graded when marked, allowing students to see clearly which chapters of each module to focus on more with revision than others.
  • MyMaths website: this has a fantastic section for some of the modules. It breaks the working down easily for students to follow and test themselves accordingly. Login information is the same as for GCSE.

Revision sessions are run lunch time Thurdays for all students wishing for additional revision opportunities.

Easter school and pre-exam sessions:

Easter school will run this year for Y12 and Y13 students with more information to come closer to the date. All Y12 and Y13 students will be encouraged to attend.

Pre-exam sessions will run for GCSE students on 1 or 2 weekends prior to the GCSE exams at the end of May. Having students attend sessions closer to the exams we feel is more beneficial than working at Easter.