The Music department is an exciting, creative centre within the school. It is run by Rheanne Sanders as part of the Creative and Expressive Arts department.

At KS3 the schemes focus on building composition, performance and listening skills using a range of resources and musical genres. This prepares the students for learning at KS4, however we advise that students who wish to take music at KS4 and 5 should be having regular instrumental or singing lessons in order to access higher grades.

In KS4 the department runs a BTEC Level 2 in Music qualification in which students study the following: Unit 1: the sound and music industry Unit 2: management of a live event Unit 4: music composition Unit 5: Music performance
At KS5 students follow on to a BTEC Level 3 certificate in music and music technology which comprises of optional units focusing on music performance. Units include: The sound and music industry, music performance techniques, music performance session styles, solo performance, ensemble performance, and independent research project.
In partnership with Oxfordshire County Council music service we are pleased to offer music instrument lessons on the following instrument; flute, clarinet, saxophones, guitar, bass, brass, and violin. If you would like your child to receive these lessons please fill out the registration form here. We also offer private piano lessons; for more information please contact Mrs Sanders.

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The Drama department is an exciting and innovative department within the college. It is led by Amy Hoyles, working alongside Rachel Gough.

Drama is available to students at KS3 via whole school productions, for pupils of any age and ability with a desire to try drama for themselves, whether it be on stage or behind the scenes. The study of play texts happens through English Literature, in which students are encouraged to view plays as drama, and to understand them as a text to be watched rather than read.

KS4 is an exciting and dynamic GCSE, using Edexcel. The students will:

  • Devise their own performances
  • Analyse those of others
  • Study a play text selected by the teacher
  • Produce a final performance for an external examiner.

At KS5 we now offer a Drama and Theatre Studies A-Level, again using Edexcel. This academic and practical course develops students’ understanding of theatre, their performance skills and their devising of theatre.

Drama students at KS4 and KS5 will be offered many opportunities to experience live theatre on visits with the department. Any theatre experiences they can gain outside school will support their learning immensely.