In KS4 students study a Level 2 BTEC in music on the EDEXCEL exam board.

BTEC music is for those students who have an interest in creating and performing music and want to lean about the music industry and live performance. During the two year course students will have the opportunity to create and perform music using their selected instrument/voice and music software, learn about how the music industry works, as well as planning and developing a live music event. For the performing unit students will need to be able to perform a selection of solo and/or ensemble pieces on a chosen instrument, and for this reason we recommend that student already have experience on an instrument/singing.


Unit 1:  The music industry 25% , externally assessed -1hr written exam

In this unit students learn about the areas and organisations which make up the music industry And how they work together

Unit 2: Managing a music product 25%, internally assessed- controlled assessment

This unit provides the opportunity for students to plan, deliver and participate in a live music concert.

Unit 4: Introduction to music composition 25%, internally assessed- controlled assessment

This unit students explore music composition using music software and chosen instruments to produce a composition portfolio

Unit 5: Introduction to music performance 25%, internally assessed-controlled assessment

This unit provides the opportunity to develop skills both as a solo and ensemble performer working towards final performances.