In KS5 students study for a BTEC level 3 certificate in music, which can be extended in yr 13 to a subsidiary diploma. The BTEC course is highly practical and provides opportunity to tailor the course to our students through the selection of pathways and units. The course can follow one of 3 pathways; performance, composition, or music technology, the pathway is decided as a class before course beggings. Each year consists of one compulsary unit, and two optional units. For the past few years students and staff have opted to study the performance pathway where students develop solo and ensemble performanbce skills in a variety of different skills as well as having the opportunity to learn about how the music industry works, and undertaking an individual research project of their own, whch is a great preperation for further study and dissertations. Please see attached documents for information on other units.

Current units;

Yr 12: Music performance skills

Yr 12: The sound and music industry

Yr12: Session musicians and stylistic performance

Yr13: Solo music performance skills

Yr 13: music research project

Yr 13: ensemble performance skills