How we assess in KS3 and KS4 PE

The concept of Head, Heart and Hands is used as our assessment criteria throughout PE lesson at The Bicester School. Please see the table below to understand how pupils can use the three elements of the criteria to improve their sporting performance.

Assessment criteria table













Relating GCSE PE to the KS3 and KS4 Core PE Curriculum

As part of teaching the New GCSE Syllabus (starting from September 2016), we are going to be linking parts of the GCSE PE syllabus to other areas of PE. In each term, each year group will learn about one topic from within the GCSE syllabus. This will be beneficial as the students will gain knowledge about GCSE PE before selecting their GCSE options in year 9. They will also gain prior knowledge, which they will be able to build on, as they progress through the years and into their GCSE course, giving them a head start in many areas of the course. In KS4 Core PE we will continue to focus on parts of the GCSE syllabus to support those students who have chosen to study GCSE PE and to help those who have not selected GCSE PE to understand the importance of a healthy active lifestyle for the future.

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GCSE syllabus for September 2016