Welcome to the Science Department at the Bicester School. We are a large, busy department, made up of a diverse team of subject specialists and support staff. Every year we deliver over 6,000 Science lessons on a huge number of topics, leading to a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications.

We believe students learn best when they are actively involved with what they are doing. Our enthusiastic and committed team is dedicated to making the learning and exploration of science relevant and engaging. Science can be a creative process, and our approach recognises that working towards an answer is just as valuable as finding the answer itself. We encourage our students to ask questions, including those that have unexpected answers and those to which there is currently no answer.

Science 1Our key aims in the Science Department are:

  • To take an approach to science teaching that encourages all students to develop as scientists and promotes the pleasure of finding things out
  • To make a definite and deliberate move towards a deep approach to learning, using relevant contemporary research and context whenever possible
  • To create a curriculum that provides a clear progression in students’ understanding of the big ideas in science and the key principles that underpin full engagement with, and success in, science
  • To offer high quality academic and vocational qualifications that allow all students to pursue further study and a career in science
  • To generate a highly effective level of collaboration between teaching staff, students and the wider community.

If you have any questions relating to the work of the Science Department, please get in touch with the Head of Department.