Our KS3 course follows the Exploring Science scheme of work. It is clearly divided into biology, chemistry and physics units and all students will follow a balanced curriculum. As well as developing our students’ knowledge and understanding of scientific theory, our curriculum has an integrated working scientifically component and a clear focus on literacy and communication that seeks to develop students’ confidence in articulating their scientific ideas.

Working scientifically

Working scientifically is the set of skills that enable someone to work as a scientist. It is on this foundation of skills that the three main areas of content sit. Working scientifically covers both the skills needed for thinking about scientific problems and the skills needed to process and analyse data.

The other essential component of working scientifically is doing things in a scientific way and understanding the use of what has come to be called ‘the scientific method’. This forms the essential backbone of what science is: an idea is developed and then rigorously tested to provide evidence upon which an objective opinion can be formed as to whether the original idea is correct.

Literacy and Communication

Literacy and communication covers a variety of skills, including taking and making notes, summarising information, presenting ideas, title writing, persuasive writing and arguments. It also covers the ‘spoken language’ component of the National Curriculum.

Monitoring progress

The Science Department use a range of formative and summative assessment methods to monitor student progress. Each individual taught unit is assessed to allow teaching staff to offer effective and targeted intervention and ensure all students make the progress we feel they are capable of. Progress is reported through the whole school CAP system, but parents are welcome to contact science teachers directly for a more detailed discussion about progress at any time throughout the academic year.






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