Easter School sessions

During the Easter Holidays, staff at The Bicester School offered Year 11, Year 12 and 13 students the opportunity to attend a number of revision sessions.

The school was open to students on Tuesday 3rd April until Friday 6th April in which students were allowed to come into school for some supervised, independent study and to attend Geography, History, MFL, Art, Graphics and BTEC workshops. The attendance was very good and the staff present commented on the work ethic and engagement of the students during the sessions.

The students found this opportunity to use the school during this time very helpful towards their studies:


Erin Anderson – Year 11

I found the sessions I attended very helpful. I now feel more prepared for my exams; at first I was struggling to understand some of the topics in history and now I understand most of them.

The Spanish sessions in particular helped me to become more confident for my speaking exam.



Charley Lewis – Year 11

Our Easter school sessions were really helpful as they helped me feel a lot less nervous about my exams. Specifically, on the Friday during our Spanish revision, our teacher gave us the choice to carry out a speaking mock test. This gave me a chance to get a feel of what the real exam would be like and think about how I needed to move forward to prepare for the next few weeks. Furthermore, both Spanish and Geography sessions provided us with many revision techniques to take home and find which one suited us best. Thank you to the staff that came in and organised these days for us!


Kyle Günzkofer – Year 11

I attended the Easter School History lessons. I think they were very beneficial to my learning as we covered an array of topics that I had studied in Year 10 and got to create revision materials to help me study for our upcoming exams in May/June.

I feel more prepared for my exams as I know I have looked over all of the topics that will be in covered and I am confident that I will be able to present my knowledge in the exams.

It would have been great for a few more sessions during the Easter break to have been available but I do understand it is due to the teachers’ availability. Overall, it was a very enjoyable session to attend and was time well spent. The teachers were very helpful in helping us to make our revision materials and gave us a variety of different activities to take part in. I definitely recommend for students in the future to participate in the Easter School sessions.

Non uniform day on Friday 14 December for all students who have ensured they have received the minimal number of C’s for the last two to three weeks. Year 11 mocks exams results assembly 8 January View timetable here.