English Literature GCSE revision

Students should regularly be recapping the texts that we study as part of this course.


  • Shakespeare’s Macbeth (all students study this)

19th Century Novel

  • Conan Doyle’s The Sign of Four (all students study this)


  • Power and Conflict poetry anthology  (all students study this)
  • Unseen Poetry  (all students study this)

Modern Text:

  • Golding’s Lord of the Flies (some students study this text)
  • Kelly’s DNA (some students study this text)
  • Priestley’s An Inspector Calls (some students study this text)

There are various ways to revise for this subject.  Here are some options:

  1. Re-read the texts (this is essential).
  2. Memorise key quotations (see the quotation bank resource for Lord of the Flies and Poetry, as well as the Macbeth revision guide available to buy in school by Quotation Bank).
  3. Create character cards: brainstorm key characteristics with quotations.
  4. Plan essays- this is one of the most valuable revision tools.
  5. Create theme cards: brainstorm all of the key themes per text and consider which characters link to these themes and why. Find quotations to support each key theme.
  6. Invest in revision guides and workbooks to support your independent study (more information below).

In addition, there are various resources available to download here:

Lord of the Flies

The Sign of Four

Power and Conflict poetry


Unseen Poetry

Recommended resources

English Language GCSE revision

How to be successful in English Language?

Read, read and read.

Fiction: read novels, plays, poetry.

Non-fiction: read a broadsheet newspaper article a day (The Guardian, Independent, The Telegraph, The Times etc).