Helping students to eat healthy

This week, The Bicester School has been helping to promote healthy eating in schools as part of Healthy Eating Week.

Yesterday, there was a stall during break handing out free homemade ‘smoothie shots’ to pupils.  Before receiving one, pupils had to talk through what healthy foods they had eaten that week.

This opened up an interesting discussion which brought to light some very clued up Year 7 pupils who were chosen as healthy eating ambassadors. They were tasked with giving out healthy eating advice to feel students.  It was a great atmosphere and the stand helped students to think about healthy food options for their future break-time snacks.

Non uniform day on Friday 14 December for all students who have ensured they have received the minimal number of C’s for the last two to three weeks. Year 11 mocks exams results assembly 8 January View timetable here.