History Students Poetry Competition

In the February 2017 edition of the school newsletter the History Department wrote about a number of Year 9 and Year 11 History students who had written poems on the theme of the First World War and entered them into a national poetry competition run by the ‘Never Such Innocence’ charity and promoted by the Historical Association.

A number of our students received Certificates of Commendations for their ‘excellent submissions’, and the school was commended for the high number of ‘moving and powerful poems entered’. Congratulations should go to the following:

Lisa Hartley, Saskia Twynham, Cheyanne Griffiths (all Year 11); Amy Long, Lucy Fitchett, Max Challener, Sachin Sunar, Freya Freeman, Amisha Gurung, Alisha Gurung, Alex Macpherson, Emily Fitchett, Beatrice Robertson, Miranda Hitchens, Mia White, Ethan Wickens, Sammy Nappin, Daisy Truby, Jessica Parker, William Ashton, Jake Ayling, James Barker, Jade Bennett, Niamh Catling, Jamie Diamond, Freya Hardcastle, Daisy Holloway, Logan Scarrott, Amie Shaer, Phillippa Todd, Rebekah Tyler, Jake Wales and Cailey Draper (all Year 9).

The History teaching team are very proud of the students who participated in this project, which saw over 1,200 poems being entered from 157 schools from a number of countries, including Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and the UK.

“Those who accuse today’s young people of being self-centred, disengaged and concerned only with their own image, should read the poems submitted to the Never Such Innocence 2017 Poetry Competition. Entering into the horrors of the trenches, the psychological agony of those who waited at home and cognisant of the wounds the war also inflicted on the natural world, the youngsters demonstrated understanding, empathy and emotional intelligence well beyond their tender years.” – Dr Viv Newman, Author and Historian, Poetry Judge