Hours per fortnight
Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 9 9 9
Maths 8 8 8
Science 6 6 6
Art 3 3 3
Drama 1 1 1
Food/Graphics 1 1 2
Geography 3 3 3
History 3 3 3
ICT 1 2 1
Language 4 4 4
Music 2 2 2
PE 4 4 4
PS/PCSHE 3 2 2


Year 7

Unit 1 – Amazing places and Skills

Students tend to enter secondary school with little to no prior knowledge about Geography and the world in which we live in. In year 7 we prepare students for their Geography study by introducing them to the key skills needed in order to understand the world. This includes the essential map reading skills, in the context of some of the amazing places found on our planet.

Unit 2 – Survival geography

In this unit students will learn about how the world works and the hazards that it presents. We study volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters and how we can best protect ourselves against them.

Unit 3 – Exploring Great Britain

It is important for students to have a wide depth and breadth of knowledge about the country we live in. This unit explores all of the things that make us such a great nation to be proud of, from our amazing countryside to our bustling cities.

Year 8

Unit 1 – 1 in 7 billion

With 7 billion people in the world (a population expanding every day!) it’s important to understand what affects the growth of the world’s populations. We also look at settlements, migration and jobs and employment within this dynamic fast paced topic.

Unit 2 – As cold as ice

A fascinating insight to the world’s most dangerous and deadly environments. We learn what makes these environments so extreme and the threats humans pose to them. We also look at how these amazing environments can be protected.

Unit 3 – China

This country is the world’s manufacturing capital, with the world’s highest population size and some amazing physical and human landscapes this versatile topic gives students an insight into what live in this amazing country is like.

Unit 4 – Water in the world

To round off a fascinating year of geography we look into the wonderful world of water. This topic introduces the concepts and key words needed for a more in depth study of rivers and water systems at GCSE level.

Year 9

Unit 1 – India

With an ever increasingly connected world, we look at the impacts of globalisation on this vibrant country. We also learn about the amazing physical and human contexts of this country.

Unit 2 – Geography Futures

An overview on the impacts climate change and sea level rise could have on our coasts, cities, resource (food, water and energy) supplies. We look at the innovative solutions we could use in order to adapt to future conditions and mitigate the problem.

Unit 3 – GCSE challenge of natural hazards and revision techniques

Introducing students to the GCSE content in year 9 in order to allow for a more supportive introduction to two crucial years of study. We build upon the knowledge students have gained at GCSE and start to apply it to exam style questions. This unit also has an empathises on revision skills and techniques in order for students to be fully prepared for the next stage of their lives.