As a department we collectively have:

  • Over 32 years of teaching experience
  • Over 33 years’ experience studying geography at various levels
  • Visited 6 of the 7 continents
  • Visited 61 of the 195 countries (nearly 1/3rd of all the countries in the world!)

I think it’s fair to say we are very passionate about Geography!

Gemma Taylor – Head of Geography

Gemma graduated from Swansea University with an Honours Degree in Geography. She has recently completed her Master’s in Education at Oxford Brookes University.

Gemma is particularly passionate about human development, including health and human rights. She also loves spending time on the coast studying the fantastic coastal processes and landscapes unfold right in front of you.

Fieldtrips and learning outside the classroom is also one of Gemma’s specialities and is an area which she is trying to develop within the school.

Kerri Knibbs

Having a really inspirational Geography teacher for her A ‘Levels encouraged her to select Geography at University. She went to Staffordshire where she was able to combine Geography with Geology (and Biology in the first year). The great advantage of this university was the number of fieldtrips they went on. Being located so close to the Peak District meant they were always “popping” out on the mini bus to get data and seeing Geography in Action. They also went further afield to Devon, Isle of Skye and a week studying Tunisia.

During her second year at University she knew that she wanted to be a teacher and she absolutely loves her subject and her job: it is a true vocation. Although she doesn’t specialise in either human or physical Geography, as both are amazing, she has a geeky love of tectonics and weather. She will happily talk about weather patterns for ever. She wants all of her students to see the links between what we study and their everyday life. geography, really is all around us.