Ms Bonnie Powell is the Lead Professional for the ‘More Able’ initiative.

For students at The Bicester School, the More Able initiative will be open to all children with very high learning potential. This usually means the most academic students who have achieved at least 110+ in their Key Stage 2 SATs tests. Also, it could mean some students who may have just missed this score but have put in an excellent effort and accelerated rate of progress since the start of Year 7.

The More Able initiative is a government-bac


ked initiative aimed at stretching and challenging ‘More able’ students in every classroom and in every school, with opportunities to further their particular gifts and talents outside school at a local, regional and national level.

As a school, we aim to provide many opportunities for our ‘More able’ students and to encourage them inside and outside the classroom to help achieve and exceed their potential. We aim to stretch and challenge all individuals tailoring their learning experience to individual needs. We are keen for them to achieve the highest possible grades and aspire to study at the world’s best universities, whilst at the same time experiencing enhanced opportunities for personal development.

  • Students have been identified across years 7-11 for the More Able initiative
  • We have strong links with
    Oxford Brookes University and students will have contact with the university each year through school workshops or through site visits.
  • The Year 7 Future Plans group meet fortnightly to set goals and consider future pathways to success. They will also have question and answer sessions with a variety of guests  enabling them to gain confidence with communication as well as build knowledge of careers and educational pathways.
  • The year 8 challenge aims to ensure year 8 students take full advantage of the opportunities provided for them at school and to encourage independence and leadership skills.
  • Year 9 more able students receive guided choices for their GCSE  options  allowing them to have the potential to achieve results that will take them to  A levels and university should they choose to do so.
  • Year 10 more able students recently  experienced a workshop day with lecturing scientists from Oxford university.  Next year The Bicester school will be hosting this event.
  • Year 11 mentoring is in place for individuals and is tailored to their needs. We use Oxford Brookes University student ambassadors to tutor student in core subjects and have taken students to the Oxford site in order to raise their aspirations and provide motivation.
  • Membership has been set up with NACE (National Association for Able Children in education). We would encourage all parents of our More Able cohort to have a look at the NACE website for further information.