How does the numerical system work?

We currently have eight grade. When the new grading is introduced we will have nine, with grade 9 meaning the best available grade. How will the new system correlate to the old one?

  • The new system allows for greater differentiation, having nine numerical grades in place of eight letter grades
  • The new numbered grades will not translate directly from the old grades A* – G, but we do know that approximately the same proportion of students who currently achieve:
    • grade A or higher will receive a grade 7 or higher
    • grade C or higher will receive a grade 4 or higher
  • Grade 9 will be a new grade for very high performing students, to be set as the top fifth of the current A grades
  • Grade 5 will be the benchmark for a ‘good pass’
  • The bottom of grade 1 will be the same as the bottom of grade G

This diagram by Ofqual is a great visual representation of the new system.