Vision statement:

A high-achieving, stimulating and creative learning environment with a caring, compassionate and challenging ethos. Our pupils are aspirational, responsible, self-disciplined and able to function as citizens in a diverse, changing and interconnected world. The Bicester School provides a safe and inspirational start to our students’ lifetime learning journey.

In our Ofsted report of May 2014, the following appeared in the main headline statements:

favicon-32px Leadership and management are good. They have successfully created an ethos that is nurturing, but challenging, and fully inclusive to all staff and students.

favicon-32px Achievement is good. The impact of good leadership and management is seen in the rapid improvement of standards across all subject areas. Well-focused interventions have enabled some students to make outstanding progress.

favicon-32px Good teaching helps students to develop the knowledge and skills they need for each subject. Teaching is lively and motivating. Exceptionally good relationships provide a positive climate for learning.

DAZ_3484We are now seeking to build on these strengths and create a three-fold mission statement for the school, where the thread of high expectations, standards and excellent conduct and behaviour underpin our three key aims below:

1. High levels of achievement which provides a solid base for aspiration

Our vision is that the overwhelming majority of our students will achieve their personal bests and move into higher education or high quality employment areas at the end of Year 13. This will be achieved through the provision of an academic, creative and sporting curriculum, delivered by good and outstanding specialist teachers in an increasingly high-tech environment.

2. High levels of personal development

Our vision is to support students in achieving their wider personal development goals as citizens and well-rounded individuals. This includes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of life. Students will learn about their rich cultural heritage and at the same time through our recently-awarded Internationalism status develop an understanding of the global community that we are all a part of. Students will belong to one of the four houses, named after influential, inspirational people: a key part of this will be gaining house points by raising money for charities, involvement in team sports, drama and musical productions. Alongside this, there will be opportunities to take on responsibilities such as prefect duties, student counselling roles and belong to a diverse range of clubs such as Christian Union, literature appreciation society, Duke of Edinburgh Award, chess, art, music, computing, etc.

3. High levels of employability and aspiration

Our vision is to work with students, parents, employers, universities and the wider community to develop the qualities, skills and attitudes required by employers and universities. These include: integrity, resilience, self-discipline, teamwork and leadership alongside key skills in numeracy, literacy and technology. This will be achieved through the house or tutor system and wide access to leadership and team-building programmes, enrichment, careers information, community and co-curriculum opportunities which will be available to all students.

Our values

Personal best – we want to work with our students to develop a ‘can-do’ attitude that will help them overcome obstacles, work hard and put in their best effort in every subject and extracurricular activity.
Respect for self and respect for others – students are encouraged to take a great personal pride in everything they do. Our older students must endeavour to be role models for their younger peers. We want all students to show care, consideration and compassion for those around them. Working together as a team will make us all stronger.
Self-discipline – we demand and expect good behaviour to ensure our students reach their potential or achieve their personal best. This does not mean that students will not make mistakes or the wrong choices; we will support them to make the right choices so that they become role models in our community.

Our aims

1. All students will feel safe, secure, supported and able to achieve their personal best in everything they do.
2. We will work with parents to continue to build up our students’ sense of aspiration and confidence for the future.
3. We understand that the world is inter-connected, and the ability to demonstrate leadership, work in teams and relate well to others is important. Therefore, we will work with parents, employers and the wider community to ensure our students develop into young adults with compassion, integrity, determination, respect, commitment, reliability, courage and self-discipline.
4. All of our students will achieve their academic potential so that they are well placed for the next stage, whether it is training, employment or higher education.
5. In the same way we enjoy working with our students, we want all of our students to enjoy coming to school and to be inspired by their teachers, not only academically but also as role models to their younger peers.