Oxford University visit opens students’ eyes to the world of law

Last month, The Bicester School students took part in a ‘Pathways to Law‘ programme to give them a valuable insight into the law industry. The following account of the experience was written by Year 10 students Charley Lewis and Emily Wright: 

“On Friday 5 May, we attended a ‘Pathways to Law’ programme which we had applied for with the help of Miss Powell. It was held at Oxford University and lasted two days.

“A robbery was staged right in front of us in the foyer, and this was the case we focused on. We learnt about the laws surrounding theft and robbery so we could distinguish between the two. It was so surprising how much depth these laws went into!

“The following day, we learnt about how a real trial would take place, and specifically the importance of live evidence. All participants were then divided into two teams: the prosecution and the defence. We spent the day working on our cases, ready to present in a mock trial.

“The mock trial lasted an hour, in which both teams gave all they had to prove the defendant guilty/not guilty. Jury members, played by us and six others, decided the fate of the defendant.

“We really enjoyed our time at the event! It was great to learn so many new things, and we will always remember working with such amazing people from all over the country.

“We have been invited back next year, and are intrigued learn more and more about the law industry!”