School Closure Monday 11 December – Set work


Year. 12: Continue annotating “Foreign Correspondent” (the text we started on Friday).

8.4: Write an account of being stuck with almost no food, in the desert (you have water). All you have to eat are some dry dates. Use highly emotive language – especially talk about the many times you have refused food, being stuffed – and now wish you could have that back. Also describe the incredible heat and the endless sands.

7.2: Write an account by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – humorously – of how much he enjoyed scaring Scrooge. Use some powerful descriptions, by the ghost, of how terrified Scrooge was.


Year 7 – 10:

MathsWatch and MyMaths revision for diagnostic assessments taking place this week.

All students should be logging onto MathsWatch (MyMaths if not possible) using the following login details:

MathsWatch website:

– username: your initial, surname, year you were Y7, @bicester e.g. Tom Smith who was Year 7 in Sept 2013 would be tsmith13@bicester

– Password: tbsmaths

MyMaths website:

– username: bicester

– Password: parallel

Please use the following topic lists for revision:

Year 7: Multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals, area of rectangles and triangles, mean, factors, highest common factors (HCF) and primes

Year 8: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of negative numbers, simplifying expressions, substitution, creating expressions, solving linear equations, forming and solving linear equations

Year 9: changing the subject of a formula, expanding single and double brackets, factorising expressions into 1 and 2 brackets, algebraic fractions (Mr Burton and Mrs Nash’s groups).

Year 10 – Mrs Holding, Miss Stone (large group) and Miss LeBrun sets: Angles, BIDMAS, decimals + – x /, straight line graphs, real life graphs, averages, fractions, rounding, percentages, area, perimeter, surface area, volume, indices and index laws, standard form, simplifying expressions, expanding and factorising with brackets

Year 10 – Miss Filgate, Mrs Nash and Miss Stone (small class) sets: angles, multiples, factors and primes, expressions and formulae, estimation, rounding, + – x / with negatives, fractions, real life graphs, + – x / with decimals, rounding, metric and imperial units, area, perimeter, surface area, volume, formulae and substitution, powers and index laws.

Year 11: Use MathsWatch and MyMaths logins, same as above together with mock analysis sheets to go over all topics highlighted by these as areas to improve on from the maths mock papers.

Year 12/13: Use MyMaths together with own notes, chapter reviews and in-class assessments to revise for upcoming mocks in January.


Year 10:

Year 11:


Revise the areas of the stage, stage types and different roles in theatre.

Year 10 and 11 – revise the Crucible, looking specifically at characters motivations.


All students should log in to Memrise, to learn any remaining vocabulary for Terms 1 and 2, and to review all vocabulary from both terms. Some students will also be ready to begin looking at vocabulary and phrases for Term 3.


P2 – 7b/Sc5

7J-3 – Modelling Electricity

Worksheet on SMH

– Please open attached doc on SMH. You will find the textbook page which you need to read, answer all questions and bring in on Friday P1.


P4 – 12Opt3/Py

L9 – Memory and Ronald Cotton

Instructions on SMH

– Please log on to the google classroom site (sent through to email addresses). Work through Lesson 9: Memory and Ronald Cotton. Please answer the following questions;

  1. After watching the video on the case of Ronald Cotton; How is the memory of eye witnesses affected?
  2. Discuss; “Forensic evidence is often less powerful than eyewitness testimony”
  3. How could the theories we have learnt so far effect/explain errors in EWT? (MSM, WMM, Interference and Cue-Dependence)
  4. What is Schema and how might it relate to EWT?
  5. What can you see in the three ink blot images?


Ofsted Report is now published - parent letter // Apologies to Year 6 Parents whose uniform was not available for collection. All uniforms can be collected from Monday 2 July between 8.00am and 4.00pm before the end of term. We hope Year 6 enjoyed their day and we look forward to seeing them in September.