School Sports Leaders run ‘This Girl Can’ festival

Brookside Primary School hosted the inaugural Bicester Family Year 3/4 ‘This Girl Can’ festival on Wednesday 15 March.

The aim of the event was to engage less active and less confident girls by promoting the many benefits and positive feelings sport and exercise can bring. Sixty-seven girls attended the event from the following schools; Brookside, Fritwell, Five Acres, Kings Meadows, St Edburg’s, Southwold, Chesterton and St Mary’s accompanied by female staff members.

As Schools arrived The Bicester School Sports Leaders took participants for team warm-ups. It was a beautiful afternoon full of sunshine and the warm ups made the most of the fresh air. The afternoon was based around ‘This Girl Can’, a Government initiative brought in to develop females in sport. The Year 3/4 girls took part in eight fun and engaging activities expertly lead by Years 7-9 TBS sports leaders. These included ‘just dance’, badminton, skipping, target throw, netball, hockey, boxing and yoga.

Throughout the festival there was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a variety of activities to inspire the girls who were attending. During the festival, the Spirit of the Games value ‘Self Belief’ was a key focus area. One girl from each team was presented with a special certificate to recognise their positive attitude, trying their best at new challenges and activities and being confident.

It is hoped that participants will feel inspired to take part in sport and exercise in the near future, both within school and the local community. Thank you to Brookside Primary for hosting and all girls, student sport leaders, teachers who all contributed to an enjoyable and fun afternoon.

“Well done Megan and Leaders! It was a great for the girls to enjoy alternative sports! They all had a fantastic time.” (Teacher at Brookside)

“We would love more opportunities like this for the girls to try the activities.” (Teacher at Kings Meadows)

“Wow I love this already.” (Pupil from St Edburgs, after one activity)

“The yoga a Netball were big hits! Brilliant event, and enjoyed the new additions to the circuit!” (Teacher at St Edburg’s)

“Well organised and space managed well, Yoga was a great touch! The pupils LOVED it.” (Teacher at Southwold)

“Really good fun. By the end, even the quieter girls were fully engaged, smiley and very active!” (Teacher at Five Acres)

“Girls loved it.” (St Mary’s)

Health & Social Care Guidelines: in order to prevent the spread of illnesses, if your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea we request that you refrain from sending them back to school until they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours.