All students in The Sixth Form are expected to have a minimum of 95% attendance. All absences should be authorised by parents/carers, even if the student is over the age of 18. Students should be in registration and all of their lessons. In the event of an absence, it is the responsibility of the student to liaise with their classroom teacher to catch up on any work missed. All work set during an absence should be completed in full, including homework.

Students with unauthorised absences will be emailed by the Sixth Form Manager on Friday morning and given until the end of the day on Monday to explain their absence. This can be done via a parent phone call, email or letter if explaining an entire day or through a discussion with the relevant classroom teacher or form tutor if a mistake has been made on the register.

If a student is unable to have this absence explained or authorised, they will be expected to attend a compulsory meeting in the Common Room between 3:05 – 4pm with the Head of Sixth Form. If this is unattended, then the student will lose their privileges for one week.

Dress code

Students must conform to the Sixth Form dress-code. Repeated infraction will result in the loss of privileges. The dress-code is as follows:

  • No tracksuit bottoms or ripped jeans
  • Smart shorts can be worn (not board shorts, etc.), but must hang to the knee
  • Any skirt shorter than knee-length to be worn with black tights, except in the summer, where the skirt must be no more than four-finger widths above the knee
  • Any tattoos covered at all times
  • No crop-tops
  • No flip-flops
  • Trainers are permitted
  • Sensible heel-height on shoes
  • No pullover hoodies (zipped hoodies are acceptable)
  • T-shirts can be worn, but no offensive/explicit logos, language or images
  • Girls’ necklines must be school appropriate
  • Boys’ tops must have sleeves (short or long)


Students are allowed to drive onto school site but should ensure that their car details are registers with the Sixth Form Office using the Driving Details Form. In addition to this, they must agree to the following commitments:

I commit to driving carefully and sensibly, with due care and attention at all times and I understand that the privilege of bringing a car onto the school site can be withdrawn at the school’s discretion. I commit to driving to school and parking on site only when I feel it is necessary for me to do so.


All students must be equipped for learning. They should have paper and pens for written work, as well as anything else required for the subjects, such as scientific calculators for Science and Maths. Students should also have a folder or hard-backed notebook for every subject, in which they are expected to keep all of their notes for the course. This should be organised and brought to every lesson.

Holidays and family leave

Students should not be taking holidays during term-time. Where parents request time off school this will be unauthorised, unless there are extenuating family circumstances. This must be explained in writing, please fill out the following: Application for Leave of Absence – Student


Homework should be completed at home, not in school. Students should expect to spend around 10 hours per week on homework, though they may sometimes have more than this. This should include homework that is to be marked by staff and homework that is to be used in lessons.

Student commitment to homework will be checked consistently. Staff will record failure to do homework and report any students of concern to their Form tutor or to the Sixth Form team. A student of concern is defined as a student who regularly fails to submit homework on time or who regularly submits homework that is either incomplete or of poor quality.

Leaving the school site

If a student has an appointment and therefore needs to leave site before lunchtime (and potentially miss a form time or lesson), they need to speak to a member of the Sixth Form team. They should ideally have written proof from either a parent or the appointment itself (e.g. a hospital letter, appointment card). They will then either be given consent to come in late if necessary or will be given a Site pass to leave through Reception. Students must not leave the site unless they are using their Privilege pass or a Site pass. Where possible, routine medical/dental appointments should be made during study periods so lessons are not missed.

Open Days and interviews

These will be allowed wherever possible. Students wishing to have a day off to go on an Open Day should complete the relevant form and have it signed by their parents. This day must have a fixed purpose and students must justify their decision to go on it.

Part-time work

Students are encouraged to have a part-time job. However, students should not be working more than 10 hours per week and this should ideally not be on a school-night. Students must not engage in paid work between 8.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday, unless it is a school holiday. Where students are seen to be working inappropriate hours, parents will be contacted and encouraged to intervene. Should a student work during school-hours, their privileges will be withdrawn.

Privilege passes

All Sixth Formers will receive a Privilege pass. This will be given out in form time in the morning and students will be able to use this to leave site at lunchtime via the main gate, which will be opened for 5 minutes at the start of lunch by a member of the Sixth Form team. Should students have a lesson after lunch they will be expected to return and attend this lesson, but if they have study periods they can work from home.

While using their Privilege passes, students must not do any paid work as they are still within school hours. Should a student’s attendance fall below 90% their Privilege pass will be withdrawn and they will need to complete the Privilege pass request form, which must be signed by a member of the Sixth Form team.

Privilege passes can also be withdrawn if a student acts in a way that brings the school into disrepute or breaks the Home-School agreement. This could include showing disrespect to staff, failing to meet deadlines or truancy. In such cases, the pass may be withdrawn for a day or a week, depending on the student’s actions.

Study days

If a student does not have any timetabled lessons then they may study at home for the day. However, they must get the Study Day permission slip signed by their parents and will be expected to email the Sixth Form Manager before 8:35 on the day of their absence to show that they are up and working.

Study leave

To be given study leave, students must get permission from their parents using the Study leave letter and permission slip. During study leave, the following expectations must be met by students and acknowledged by their parents:

  • Spending at least six hours a day doing school-work.
  • Doing no paid-work between 8:30 and 3:05 on any school day.
  • Not going on holiday during study leave.
  • Attending all lessons for any BTEC course being studied, unless this is on the day of or the day before an AS or A’Level examination.
  • Attending any AS or A-Level lesson to which they have been invited, unless this is on the day of or the day before an AS or A-Level examination.
  • Signing in in the Common Room whenever they come onto the school site.
  • Entering and exiting the school site via Reception.

Study periods

Students should be using their timetabled study periods to consolidate learning, complete coursework and do wider reading. This will be guided by teachers through a subject-specific private study guide, identifying good sources and practices. Time should also be spent going over class-notes to check understanding.

During study periods, students can make use of any of the Sixth Form study spaces. They should not be using the sofas or engaging in recreational activity like playing games or watching TV.

Supervised study

During these periods, students are supervised by a member of staff in a dedicated supervised study area. At this time students should be working in groups or on computers.


Students are entitled to the use of textbooks for their courses, but these must be returned upon leaving The Bicester School.