Elliot Hale – Head student

The Bicester School Sixth Form brings out the best in individuals. The responsibility each student has to be independent and work even harder to find success creates a really driven environment. Everyone gets on with each other and this allows group tasks to be carried out efficiently.

As Head student, I make myself available all day to students if they have any worries or suggestions to improve the Sixth Form. My leadership characteristics make me proactive in this position, benefit everyone with effective communication methods and give me self-confidence to address staff or fellow students.

I want to have a career in sports and I’m still searching for the best path to do this, but luckily the school system has allowed me to search all these possible routes.

Callum Hills – Co-chair of the Charity committee

I have enjoyed my time here at The Bicester School. Sixth Form has helped me work harder, and I have been able to learn more about the subjects I enjoy. I’ve come a long way thanks to the amazing teachers who have helped me along the way. Sixth Form has really helped me become more responsible and organised more than I used to be.


Alana Honey – Deputy head student

Joining The Bicester School at year 12 was one of the best decisions I have made. I found it very easy to settle in and make new friends. The staff and students have been extremely supportive and still continue to help in every way possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have grown as both an individual and as a member of the Sixth Form.

I wish to be able to give back to the school and voice the ideas of the students, implementing any changes. In the future, I hope to study either Forensics or Human Biology with a long-term goal of being a Forensic anthropologist.

Charlotte May – Sports captain

I’ve been a student here at since year 7 and couldn’t imagine a better school! The teachers here are so supportive and the learning environment is very focused. The school does really help you aspire to be the best you can be and achieve your end goals.

Sports are my main passion. My intentions are to get the sixth form more active and to build a stronger community through healthy competition. I would also like to organise events that the whole school can enjoy.

After Sixth Form, I plan to go to university to study PE and sports coaching, with the hope of becoming a PE teacher or sports coach.

Louis O’Connell – Head student

I decided to stay at The Bicester School for my A-Levels because they offered all the courses I wanted and the teachers were so passionate about their subjects.

I am currently studying Maths, Physics, Biology and PE at A-Level, as well as Further Maths at AS. The workload is quite significant but I have a lot of support. After Sixth Form, I would like to read either Maths or Sports Science at university.

Our team wants to ensure that the vision for the Sixth Form encompasses everyone’s ideas, not just a select few. I hope that I can make our Sixth Form an incredible experience.

Stacey Plast – Deputy head student

Through my time here I have developed skills and talents that have greatly helped with my self-confidence, which I hope to pass onto others. Students and staff within the school have helped shape who I am. I hope to be a role model for other students The Bicester School has not only given me the opportunity to become my best self. I was able to attend the Brookes Engage Programme, which has enabled me to be more prepared for the future in terms of finance and finding right courses for me.

Talia Shaer – Co-social secretary

I started studying at The Bicester School in 2011. The Sixth Form is a very welcoming environment, and the teachers are supportive. As a Social secretary, I want all students in the Sixth Form to have an enjoyable experience. I hope by running social events for everyone to take part in, we can become closer as a community.

After finishing Sixth Form, I plan on going to university to study Sociology and Criminology combined and eventually work for the Civil Service.

Meg Walker – Chair of the Sixth Form Council

I am in my final year of Sixth Form studying Music and Computer Science and I have also been a student at The Bicester School since Year 7. I have enjoyed my time so far at Sixth Form as I have been able to learn new skills in the subjects I have chosen and I am glad to have received so much support in being able to choose my direction for the future.

After this year, I am planning to attend a college course on assisting in Primary Teaching.

Kayleigh Walton – Co-chair of the charity committee

Being at this school has encouraged me to play an active role through organising events for Sixth Form and the whole school that raise awareness of others’ struggles. I have witnessed how much this school cares for its students and would like others to feel the same way.


Lucy Webb – Co-social secretary

I have been a student here since 2011. I am currently studying A-Level Psychology, Sociology and Biology. I was part of the School Council last year.

I love the Sixth Form here at The Bicester School because it feels like a real community, including the very supportive staff. My aim as Social secretary is to organise events that students will truly enjoy and remember.

After Sixth Form, I plan to study Psychology at university because I find it an extremely interesting subject.