We set targets following the Alps system. This is based on GCSE average point-score (it does not include BTEC subjects). Generic targets are set for students using the system below:

Average GCSE score A-Level target grades BTEC target grades
 7.5 – 8.0  A*/A   D* (Distinction *)
7.0 – 7.4  A   D*
6.7 – 6.9  B  D*
6.4 – 6.6  B  D*
6.1-6.3  B/C  D*/D
5.8-6  B/C  D (Distinction)
5.5-5.7  C  D
5.2-5.4  C  D
4.7 -5.2 C/D D-M
4 -4.7  C/D  M (merit)
0-3.9 D M


Alps targets should be set on 1 September and recorded by students on their Assessment record sheets in their folders. This should be used as the base for the Teacher amended target grade, also informed by experience of the student and specific performance at GCSE in the relevant subject. For example, if a student’s average GCSE score indicates a B grade in all A-Levels but they gained an A in GCSE Art, their teacher amended target grade may be an A.


Common assessment point (CAP) data will be reported to parents 3 times during the year, including:

  • Current expected grade (the teacher’s best prediction of what the student will achieve if nothing changes)
  • Attitude to learning (whether the student’s attitude to their learning is above, in line with or below expectation).

Each CAP will be given to the student, with text messages sent home to parents to inform them that it has been received. The data will be analysed by the Sixth Form team. If a student underachieves, intervention will be put in place by the subject teacher or the Head of Year.


Sixth Form mocks will be held in June. Students will be assessed using a formal exam.

Formative assessment

Every subject should give feedback on at least two pieces of work per half-term. This can use formal A-Level or BTEC criteria (e.g. A, B, C, D, E/P, M, Di) or can be ungraded. All subjects should give written feedback and this should be built into lesson time or into the use of study periods.