The Great Bicester Bake Off!

Yesterday afternoon the annual Great Bicester Bake Off took place with 28 eager Year 7 and 8’s taking part. 

There has been a lot of excitement brewing over the past couple of weeks as contenders have been planning and designing their masterpieces.  We even had one student that came up to the food room with a tape measure to measure cake tins!

 The food room soon filled with delicious chocolatey smells as the busy pupils worked expertly away at their cakes.  The pupils were in pairs or groups and the teamwork was commendable.

 As 4.30pm loomed and the lucky judges filed in, there was a feeling of anticipation in the air.  The pupils waited anxiously whilst the judges tasted all of the creations.  Discussions about the winner got quite heated as the judges needed to leave the room to deliberate. 

 The Year 7 winners were Laksha Muraleetharan and Elysia Thompson with a chocolate cake decorated with lots of chocolate and fondant bunny footprints.  Year 8 winners were Ella Beattie, Niamh Scott and Emma Esquilant with a big yellow cake with a chick on the top.

 All pupils received an egg and certificate and left with a smile on their face.  I was really proud of everyone involved!

Beverley Hodgson